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TERP is an educational technology company founded in Norway in 2014. Our technology customizes content based on a student’s specific needs. The company is primarily based in Norway and Hongkong. It is empowering organizations, educational institutions, and training centers in Europe and Southeast Asia. Our mission is to make education attainable for everyone! We provide high-quality content at an affordable price and offline features for areas without reliable internet. We also make it possible to study efficiently from home!

TERP consists of developers, UX/UI staff, language professionals, trade professionals, management, and research teams. We strive to have a great work environment where collaboration, teamwork, and knowledge sharing are key to our success!


Currently, we are looking for backend developers for our team in the Philippines.

As a backend developer in TERP, you will join an international tech team of 20 people, including developers, designers, testers, product owners, and management. Some are based in Europe, while the majority are located in Manila and Cebu in the Philippines. Our working language is English.

We are looking for developers with a passion for software development. Our current product range consists of three interactive apps: Abooks, TERP Content, and TERP Classroom. Abooks is a mobile app available on both Google PlayStore and App Store. The TERP apps are web services. We plan to launch another two apps, giving us a range of five interactive apps within a year. 

During the corona pandemic, all developers in the Philippines are working from home. We are setting up an office in Metro Manila after the pandemic but will consider candidates from other parts of the Philippines.

Key responsibilities

  • Commitment to individual and collective objectives
  • Development and implementation of all backend missions
  • Follow software development lifecycle (Agile Scrum/Kanban)
  • Continuous code and libraries improvements, maintenance, and bug fixing


We are looking for candidates with  5+ years experience as a developer building backend services including experience with:

  • Laravel ecosystem

  • Node.js backend framework like Express/Koa/Hapi etc. using TypeScript

  • RDBMS (MySQL or similar)

Qualified candidates have experience with at lease some of our tech stack for backend development:

  • Container technologies like Docker

  • System administration running linux based production workloads

  • AWS (our infrastructure runs on AWS)


  • Object-oriented design and object-oriented programming

  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)

  • Search engines like Elasticsearch

  • Using and configuring CI/CD setups

  • NoSQL technologies like MongoDB or CouchDB

  • UI frameworks like React and React-Native

  • Configuration management tools like Terraform

  • Team leadership

  • SCRUM development process

Besides the technical qualifications, we are looking for candidates that are both cooperative and can work independently.

Please visit terp.global for more information about TERP. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Talent Manager in the Philippines, Elaine Felaiza R. Gomez, elaine@terp.global, or our CTO Tor Ivar Våge, tor@terp.global.


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