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1 min read

Revenue leaped 7x in September

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) increased 7x in September and will continue to grow in October due to new contracts...

1 min read

Successful launching

TERP started rolling out the post-chasm MVP on August 31st. It was a massive release containing 7,452 lines of code. In...

1 min read

Alpha release of AR simulation

TERP has released an alpha version of AR (Augmented Reality) simulation. The technology allows students to conduct...

1 min read

Extended MVP

We have extended the scope of the post-chasm MVP by adding two new features. Maritime education in the Philippines is...
1 min read

Crowdfunding closed within seconds

TERP closed a 1.5 MNOK crowdfunding on the FundingPartner investor platform within seconds yesterday. Investors who...

2 min read

Strategic shift to market penetration

TERP started shifting our strategic focus from product development to market penetration in March this year. We are on...

1 min read

TERP Targets Publishers

TERP launches an upgrade program targeting publishers. A limited number of publishers are getting the opportunity to...

2 min read

TERP reaches two new value inflection points

The term "value inflection points" is taken from Bruce Cleveland's book "Transversing the traction gap" and refers to...

1 min read

Sales paradox

TERP experienced a sales paradox in 2020. We had a surge of new contracts combined with diminished short-term sales....

1 min read

2,2 millions NOK from Innovation Norway

TERP integrates augmented reality (AR) in abooks when delivering new technology to the ambulance service at Innlandet...