We have extended the scope of the post-chasm MVP by adding two new features. Maritime education in the Philippines is our current primary market segment. The start of the school year is now moved to August, so we are moving the deadline for the MVP accordingly. Besides making a better product, this move eases the pressure on our tech team, which had reduced capacity in April due to Covid-19.

Both our frontend developers tested positive for Covid-19 last month. One of them has recovered, but the other one is still in the hospital. Our backend team is on track, but the frontend development delay prevents us from delivering post-chasm MVP in June, as planned. We are currently onboarding two new developers giving us a frontend team of four, so the issue is temporary.

The original deadline in our primary market in the Philippines was due in June, at the start of the school year. However, the pandemic changed the school year. Now the schools start in August, giving us an additional two months to improve our product. We want to extend the post-chasm MVP due to the response in the market. Instead of delivering the original MVP in July, we want to provide an even better product in August. We are adding two features:

  1. Exams
  2. Validation of assessments

We already added an exam feature in our backend six months ago and have tested it in the market. Inter Global College Foundation in the Philippines has run more than 2000 exams in one day. This is a feature that enables them to do their whole operation remotely. We are now adding frontend features letting our customers set up exams without our involvement.

In addition, we are including Item Analysis and Item Response Analysis. These analyses help our customers to validate the quality of each question in their assessments and exams. E.g., they will have data on how a question discriminates between good and weak students. Besides providing our customers with a tool to improve their assessments, it helps them provide necessary documentation when audited.