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Successful launching

By Leiv Kåre Johannessen on Sep 16, 2021 2:15:25 PM

TERP started rolling out the post-chasm MVP on August 31st. It was a massive release containing 7,452 lines of code. In comparison, a typical launch has a few hundred lines of code. The launching has multiple effects and implications. From a business point of view, we can start scaling sales.

After monitoring our web service more than two weeks after the launch, we know it is stable. We experienced few bugs and addressed those we found immediately. Our tech team did a fantastic job!

User experience
This launch contains infrastructure that paves the way for new features and a better user experience. Now they can use a single sign-in and switch easily between our apps. Soon they will have access to a new version of TERP Classroom, making it easier to utilize abooks at schools, universities, and other learning programs.

The new version of TERP Classroom automize many of the operations currently handled manually by our customer success team. This automation removes the most significant bottleneck in the sales funnel, allowing us to start scaling our sales team.