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Alpha release of AR simulation

By Leiv Kåre Johannessen on Jun 15, 2021 11:36:07 AM

TERP has released an alpha version of AR (Augmented Reality) simulation. The technology allows students to conduct simulation cases at home on their living room tables using their smartphones. Our first cases are on ship handling. We believe it will be a game-changer making abooks even more differentiated from the competition.

AR simulation is not a part of the post-chasm MVP TERP releases in August but a taste of new technologies the company will include in Abooks 2.0, which is the name we use for the new generation of abooks. Still, we aim to have a beta version ready by the start of the new school year.

AR ship handling UX large
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2,2 millions NOK from Innovation Norway

By Leiv Kåre Johannessen on Aug 6, 2020 7:00:00 AM

TERP integrates augmented reality (AR) in abooks when delivering new technology to the ambulance service at Innlandet Hospital Trust (Sykehuset Innlandet) in Norway. The solution will support evidence-based practice. Innovation Norway contributes 2,2 million NOK in grants to the project.

The corona pandemic has created a great demand for distance learning solutions. TERP's primary market so far has been maritime education in Southeast Asia, where the company has provided adaptive textbooks. A key element in this education is practical exercises on a simulator, which conventional distance learning solutions can not replace. The solution TERP has come up with is to integrate augmented reality into the textbooks to run virtual simulations at home on the living room table.

When developing new technology, we are looking for innovative environments that are at the forefront of the use of new technology. We found this environment at Innlandet Hospital Trust. The health organization, which has 26 ambulance stations in Innlandet county, has a strong focus on evidence-based practice and has used virtual reality in employees' training for several years.

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