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TERP reaches two new value inflection points

By Leiv Kåre Johannessen on Feb 14, 2021 7:00:00 AM

The term "value inflection points" is taken from Bruce Cleveland's book "Transversing the traction gap" and refers to milestones which change the valuation of tech companies. Over the last year, we have focused on two such milestones: To complete post chasm MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and build repeatable processes in sales and marketing to achieve Minimum Viable Repeatability (MVR)We expect both of them to be value inflection points as the first one gives us access to the majority market, and the latter sets up our organization for scaling.

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2 million NOK investment from Validé Invest

By Leiv Kåre Johannessen on Feb 11, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Validè Invest has made a 2 million NOK follow-up investment in TERP, making the investment fund our largest investor. During the last year, TERP has increased the equity by 11 million NOK.

- TERP has a strong founder team, an exciting business idea, and a great growth potential, says Valide's director of investments, Johannes Løyning. - They have proven their ability through sales and market positioning in the Philippines. The company's solution can disrupt the publishing industry.

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