TERP launches an upgrade program targeting publishers. A limited number of publishers are getting the opportunity to upgrade their learning materials to abooks. Access to quality content has proven to be an essential factor for educators and training programs using the TERP Web Service.

By teaming up with publishers, we can build the content library in Abooks with fewer resources. It will open up new segments, make sales processes faster, and implementation easier. Recent experience from the Philippines shows that access to quality content is the most critical factor in ensuring the successful implementation of our web services. All customers can create content themselves. However, having access to quality abooks allows schools and training programs to immediately utilize the TERP Web Service features.

TERP has created a web page that states value propositions for publishers upgrading their textbooks and learning material to abooks: Free UPGRADE to abooks.

We encourage investors who know publishers who may benefit from abooks to share the link.

To upgrade a conventional textbook to an abook is easy. When the content is ready in the correct formats, we can do the conversion in a few hours in most cases. It takes a bit longer to include new learning resources that are not available in conventional books, but overall it is an easy process.

TERP is building a multisided marketplace. We are launching the upgrade program to build supply in this marketplace. It is an initiative to scale TERP faster.