How to create a "matching pairs" question

This article provides a step by step guide on how to add a "matching pairs" question to an assessment.

A "matching pairs" question shuffles a set of elements that belong together in pairs . The person answering the assessment is supposed to sort the elements in matching pairs. This article assumes that you have already entered the TERP Content app, have chosen "Assessments" from the project menu, and set up an assessment.

1. Add a new question by clicking on the "+" icon

Click on the "+" icon in the upper left corner.

TC-Select question type

2. Select question type

Select "Matching pairs" from the menu of different question types. Confirm by clicking on the "Add slide" button.

TC Select Matching pairs Large

3. Insert the question. 

Write the question in the question box. If you like you can add an image or an equation.

Matching pairs question large

4. Add matching pairs

Click the "Add alternative" button to add matching pairs, and insert relevant text, image or equation to each alternative.

Matching pairs insert Large

5. Save

Remember to save before you leave the page.

Matching pairs save Large

You are done and can move on to the the next question!