How to create assessments

A step-by-step process on how to create a new assessment in TERP Content.

1. Open the TERP Content App

Click on the TERP Content icon in the top menu.

2. Open the relevant project. 

All assessments are created within projects. If you do not have a project for the new assessment, you must add a new project before creating the new assessment. If you do not have access to create a new project, please ask an administrator to help you.

3. Add a new assessment

  1. Choose "Assessment" from the project menu
  2. Click on the "New Assessment" button
  3. Choose language
  4. Give the new assessment a name
  5. Click on the "create" button.

4. Make the introduction slide

Write the information you want to provide to students before they start answering questions. If you like, you can add an image or an equation.

5. Start creating questions

Click on the "+" icon and select the question type you want to use. For more details on each question type, please see separate articles. 

TC-Select question type

6. Group questions

Use the drag and drop feature in the assessment overview on the left side to group questions. This feature allows you to create an assessment where the questions are chosen randomly which makes the scores more valid. 

7. Chose how many questions to randomly be selected

  1.  In the assessment overview on the left side, click on the relevant group and un-select the "Include all questions" box.
  2. Define how many question you want to include when the students take the assessment.
  3. Check the "Shuffle questions" box if you want the question order within the group to be random.

8. Decide the flow

Use the drag and drop feature in the assessment overview on the left side to edit the flow of the assessment. All assessments starts with an introduction information slide and end with the score. Between these two, you have full flexibility. You can have all questions in a fixed order, randomly selected, or a combination of both. You can also add extra information slides if you want. 

9. Review 

Click the "Review assessment" button to run a test of the assessment. The most common mistake is not to define the correct answer.

10. Publishing

To publish an assessment you have to include it in an abook first and then publish the book. 

  1. Access the abook where you want to publish the assessment.
  2. Decide where you want to place the assessment and choose the "Assessments" icon in the content menu. Select the relevant assessment from the drop down menu and click the "Add" button.