How to add and set up a new abook

This article gives you a step by step process on how to set up a new abook before you start working on the content.

1. Open the TERP Content App

Click the TERP Content icon in the top menu.

2. Open the relevant project. 

All abooks are created within projects. If you do not have a project for the new abook, you must create a new project before setting up the new abook. If you do not have access to create a new project, please ask an administrator to help you.

3. Add a new book

Click on the "Add book" button in the project menu and give the new publication a name.

4. Add a front cover

Click on the "Choose image" button on the setup page, and upload the image you want to use as the front cover. Make sure the file format is .png as this format has the best quality when you combine text and image. If you do not have the front cover ready yet, you can add the image later.

5. Add relevant data

Insert relevant data such as subject, ISBN number (if applicable), release year, publisher, and author on the setup page. None of these data are critical before you publish the abook, so you can choose to add them later.

6. Add tentative chapters

Click the "Add" button under "Chapters" at the bottom of the setup page to add a new chapter. Give the new chapter a name and click "Add" again.

Chapters and subchapters are essential for the user experience when students are accessing your content in the Abooks app. This setup decides how students can maneuver inside the abook, and how students and teachers get feedback on knowledge gaps. Normally you do not know the final structure of a textbook when you start working on it, but it adds value to create a tentative structure from the very beginning. Most authors will find this approach easier. The editor will work faster as only parts of the content is online at any given time.

7. Add subchapters

Enter the relevant chapter and click "Add" under "Subchapters" at the bottom of the page. Give the new subchapter a name and click "Add" again.

If you add subchapters, the table of content will become more detailed. You also make it easier to maneuver inside the abook when using the Abooks app. Combined with assessments inside each subchapter, teachers and students will get better feedback.

8. Start editing

You are ready to start editing! You can access the chapters and subchapters on the right hand side of the setup page, or at the bottom of the page.