Randomly selected questions

How to create an assessment with randomly selected questions? This feature makes the assessment scores more valid. 

1. Create a database of questions

Firstly, you need a database of questions the assessment can select from. If you want the assessment to consist of 10 questions, we recommend at least 30 questions in the database (three times as many). Enter the assessment maker in TERP Content and add as many questions as you need.

2. Group the questions

Use the drag and drop feature in the assessment overview on the left side to group questions. 

3. Choose how many questions to randomly be selected

  1. Click on the relevant group in the assessment overview on the left side and un-select the "Include all questions" box.
  2. Define how many question you want to include when the students take the assessment.
  3. Check the "Shuffle questions" box if you want the order of the questions within the group to be random.