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TERP is an educational technology company founded in Norway in 2014. Our technology customizes content based on a student’s specific needs. The company is primarily based in Norway and Hongkong. It is empowering organizations, educational institutions, and training centers in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Our mission is to make education attainable for everyone! We provide high-quality content at an affordable price and offline features for areas without reliable internet. We also make it possible to study efficiently from home.

Join us as we build our team!


We are currently looking for an experienced QA Tester to join our team in the Philippines.


Key responsibilities and requirements:


  • Test current products and identify deficiencies
  • Ability to design and develop automation test scenarios in JavaScript, TypeScript (Cypress.io, Selenium, or equivalent automatic testing frameworks)
  • Create detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured test plans and test cases for browser testing, website and apps performance testing, and APIs testing (incl. manual bug tracking and reporting)
  • Collaborate with the Product Development team to ensure consistent project execution and help identify key KPIs for product quality and timely delivery
  • Identify quality assurance process bottleneck and suggest actions for improvement
  • Suggest solutions to identified UI/UX and/or functional product problems


Testing types

  • Web applications testing
  • React-Native apps (iOS/Android) testing 
  • REST and other APIs testing
  • Functional testing and reporting


Quality Assurance Deliverables

  • Test Results & Analysis 
  • Test Execution 
  • Bug Tracking & Reporting 
  • Annotated Screenshots


Automated Testing and Frameworks implementation

  • Develop automation test scenarios in JavaScript, TypeScript (Cypress.io, Selenium, or equivalent automatic testing frameworks)
  • Stress Testing
  • Regression Testing


Qualities we are looking for:

Self-driven with the ability to easily switch between tasks, 

Being self-driven is very important. You should not need constant guidance regarding what to do. Can easily switch between critiquing design details, writing and executing functional tests, and finding test elements that can be automated.

Able to think of the End-user’s perspective

We are creating software for people to use. So it is essential that you imagine yourself in your users’ shoes and identify how we can make things better for them.

Excellent communication skills in English, both orally and written.

As QA, you will have discussions with devs, support, management, &, etc. whether for raising issues, reporting findings, or asking questions and clarifications. It is essential that you can deliver your message in a way that will be clear and understandable to them through a variety of channels (Slack, GitHub, JIRA, email, video, etc.…).

Attention to detail is critical.

Not all bugs are apparent. It is important that you can identify bugs regardless if they are obvious or not. Even the tiniest errors can cause a significant impact on the software.

Inquisitive, with the ability to identify problems and/or points of improvement and bring them forward.

Sometimes, documentation is lacking, if there is at all. So you need to be able to explore and look at what is wrong and think of how it can be improved without always relying on internal documents. This means that you might have to ask your peers and consult the appropriate people/experts about it. A simple google search can also help.


Outstanding team player with the ability to work with many different types of people across many cultures

The goal is always to make the software better. You must dare to ask questions, formulate and give your suggestions, and challenge solutions within your team. All of us are striving to improve the software, so we need to cooperate. Being able to keep the communication going is a foundation of a healthy and efficient work environment.


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